Before anything else, I think I should explain something about how school years are counted in Japan.  Here, the counting starts over at each level, rather than continuing.  So, since I’m at a high school, if I say a class of first graders or first years, that actually means 10th graders/sophomores by American counting.  So, 2nd years/graders = juniors and 3rd years/graders = seniors.

I should also explain something about the school I’m at.  It has 3 curriculums, or “courses.”  There’s English, General, and Art.  There are 8 classes (groups of students, I mean) per year, and in each year, one class is English Course and one class is Art Course, the rest of the classes are General Course.


Last week was the start of the new term.  With my co-ALT and a few Japanese Teachers of English (JTE), I taught 4 classes, all my self-intro lesson.  Since we teach in the Language Lab, I made a PowerPoint presentation to show the whole class at once. I alternated between telling them stuff and asking them questions.  When I asked “What do you know about Detroit?” most classes were able to come up with the answer “cars.”  In one class I did mime of singing with a bit of swagger and one boy said “Eminem!” ^o^  Another funny moment was with the second years.  One class has a trio of particularly genki (lively, loud, energetic) girls.  When I asked “Why do you think my neighborhood is called ‘Mexicantown’?”, one of those girls shouted out “Tacos!!!” \^O^/

After the presentation, I asked if anyone had questions.  The two questions I got were “How old are you?” and “Do you have a boyfriend?”  The first time, in response to the boyfriend question I said it was a secret, but the second time I said that KimuTaku was my boyfriend.  I think the next time I get asked that I’m gonna say Tsumabuki Satoshi (the star of the current NHK Taiga drama Tenchijin).

With the exception of English Course 2nd years, I really won’t have too many chances to teach the 2nd years.  Since right now half the school day goes to taiikusai (Sports Day) practice, the students really aren’t concentrating on hardcore stuff like grammar, so that’s why I’ve been asked to do my self-into in classes I normally wouldn’t teach.

Taiikusai is this Saturday!

(What an abrupt way to end a post!)