Today, I taught my self-intro lesson to the second year Art Course class.  I’d already had a taste of teaching 2nd years, and they were pretty good about participating and paying attention.  But today was the first chance I got to teach an Art Course class.  What a difference!  They’re attentive, well-behaved, participate, and fun.  The fact that it’s mostly girls probably has a lot to do with it.  (Not that there aren’t girls who are chatterboxes in the other classes.)

The funniest part was the Bingo game.  It was “Human Bingo,” a game I learned in City Year.  Basically, the boxes contain questions/facts, and if it applies to a someone, you write that person’s name in the box and try to get 5 names in a row.  I used the basic grammar point “Have you ever____?”  I made a 5 x 5 grid, but left the bottom 5 boxes blank, for the students to make up their own questions to ask.  Now, when I was asked the usual question, (“Do you have a boyfriend?”) I had answered that I did, and that it was Tsumabuki Satoshi (an actor).  So, one girl filled in the bottom five boxes entirely with questions about that!  “Have you ever talked to Tsumabuki Satoshi?” “Have you ever seen Tsumabuki Satoshi?”  “Have you ever touched Tsumabuki Satoshi?” XDDDD  And she asked me each question, too!  She really called me out! 😛

Those kids are great!

Oh! And one girl wrote and asked me, “Have you ever bought FF [Final Fantasy] game?”  I couldn’t help geeking out and basically going “OMG I LOVE Final Fantasy!!! ::squeeeee::”  Then she asked me if I liked Cloud.  I said, “Yeah, but I like Sephiroth better!” She then started speaking in half Japanese half English, so I’m not sure if I understood correctly, but it sounded like she said she was doing an oil painting of Cloud. orz (Mad props!)

Must learn…to rein in…the GEEK! >o<

Whew…okay, here’s more Random Life Stuff:

I just noticed…that there are cupboards above the sink in my apartment. *facepalm* They had old stuff in them, probably from my predecessor’s predecessor’s predecessor.  A JET has lived in that apartment since 1993! Or so I think, since someone pasted the “Important Numbers for JETs” card into one closet and it said “Effective March 1993.”  Or maybe 1994.  Sometime in the 90s.

A Sea of Bicycles! Less poetically, a bicycle parking lot.  This one’s by Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station.  Er….that probably doesn’t mean much to anyone, but since I’m used to saying it now… *sweatdrop*

Free bike parking by train station

Free bike parking by train station

I saw this cat walking around the juutaku (government housing) parking lot a while ago.  Looks pretty big!

(Stray?) Cat

(Stray?) Cat