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No, I haven’t actually done 22 other Random Life Stuff entries.  But I figured I would eventually lose count, so it would just be easier to use random numbers in ascending order.  ^o^

I feel the need to clarify what “Random Life Stuff” means, since I tend to use the word “random” a lot.  What I mean by RLS (don’t feel like writing it anymore, lol) is things that don’t directly have to do with working or being a JET, but with living in Japan in general.  Such as watching TV and geeking out.

So on with it!

Yes We Can! – Obama Classic President Obama is pretty popular in Japan.  So popular, that the pop record label Avex has made a CD of his speeches set to rousing classical music.  It was released this past Wednesday.  I’m very tempted to get it, for the silliness of it.  What do you think?  Should I spend 19USD so I can hear Obama talk over “Rhapsody in Blue”?  For the CD’s Amazon (Japanese) page: click here.

Password Protected So far, I only put a password on one post.  It is my name, spelled correctly.  If you don’t know me, well, don’t ask me what my name is! ^o^

TV Update Waaah, Buzzer Beat was in its ending chapters, and I missed the last episode.  But I missed it because I was out having dinner with my downstairs neighbor (a fellow JET) so it’s okay.  Maybe I’ll rent it when it comes out on DVD.

As for Haken no Osukaru, I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s an awful lot like all of the incarnations of Betty (Betty la fea, La fea más bella, Ugly Betty, etc.).  Sure, the title character in Haken no Osukaru isn’t ugly, her quirk is she’s obsessed with the manga The Rose of Versailles.  But otherwise, it’s the same thing: a lowly office worker has more courage and creativity than everyone else and constantly saves the arses of the higher-ups and the whole company.  Much to my delight, after tonight’s episode of Haken no Osukaru, I saw an ad for Ugly Betty!  Season 3 will start airing next week at 11PM, Wednesdays on NHK (analog channel 3 for those on Kyuushuu…and elsewhere in Japan?).  It’s dubbed into Japanese, but since I already saw Season 3 in the States, I think it’ll be particularly good for listening practice.

Renting DVDs One thing I really like about renting DVDs from Tsutaya is that new releases come with bonus DVDs.  Well, maybe places like Blockbuster in the States do that too, but my local video place didn’t.  Volume 1 of Heroes came with a DVD that had a long preview for Burn Notice and interviews with the Japanese dubbers, as well as the very first episode of House (called Dr. House here).  A full episode!  The only bad thing was that it was dubbed over and didn’t have subtitles at all, not even in Japanese.  I can watch simple Japanese dramas without subs and understand a good portion of them, but a sarcastic medical drama?  Though I wonder if the Japanese dub is even remotely close to the sarcasm that is possible with English. Well, it was really funny to hear Cutty say “House-sensei!!!”

無料レンタルDVD = Free Rental DVD = WIN!

無料レンタルDVD = Free Rental DVD = WIN!

Volume 2 came with a DVD that has the first episodes of Fringe, Sarah Conner Chronicles, and Gossip Girl.  Only the Fringe episode is subbed.  I’ve been too busy to watch them, unfortunately.

When I’m not in front of a screen I bet it seems like I’ve come to Japan to watch TV and be online. ^o^  But my time with the tele is less than in the States.  Yet, where does the time go?  Only on Wednesday nights do I go out relatively far, to downtown Fukuoka City (called Tenjin) for a Japanese class.  But that’s only a 13 minute ride away (since I always take the limited express train).  Tuesdays and Thursdays I stay after at school to draw with the Art students, but only until about 6PM (the students are there until 7 or 8! x_X)  Maybe I should monitor my online time more closely, lol!

Since I’m in the future I’m not sure when I should consider it my birthday.  ^o^

GACKT in Spain Waaaah, the 2010 calendar was all shot in Barcelona! Me want it!

Unpolished Rice Bread I’m going to send GACKT some and make sure he eats it. I have yet to find wheat bread.  But I did find genmai (玄米) bread, made with unpolished rice (read: rice that hasn’t had all nutritional value mercilessly beaten out of it).  I also found Kellogg’s Genmai Flakes.  ^o^  Forget cars, cereal shall be the export that saves Michigan industry!

You go, Battle Creek! Export that cereal!

You go, Battle Creek! Export that cereal!

Actually…the box says “Kellogg’s Japan” so this cereal is probably made here.  But still!

If all goes well, the next post will be about the Festa da Bahia with the Amigos da Bahia! Stay tuned!