I saw poinsettia at the supermarket.  They looked sad and wanted to be adopted into a loving home.  They dreamed of a modern penthouse.  For one of them, that dream will never come true.

Because I bought it! Welcome to the Kyoushokuin Juutaku, Christmas Feeling Poinsettia!

Christmas Feeling

Yeah, chiaroscuro! And yes, that is a Captain Jack Sparrow pillowcase.

I started seeing Christmas stuff at the stationary store in early October, but I hadn’t seen these poinsettia until today. The poinsettia back home has enjoyed many a winter, and even bloomed again once after its first Christmas.  I hope that I will be able to have this poinsettia around for as long as I’m here.

“Christmas Feeling” is what the tags on these poinsettia said.  The word “feeling” seems to be a popular one to put on random stuff.  When I read “Christmas Feeling,” I immediately thought of the 1979 song by the group Circus, “American Feeling.” Funny how a song in Japanese can make you a bit homesick.  Although…the song sounds like it could be an ad for American Airlines.  Or is there an airline called Sky Blue?  That might be more fitting, since they actually say “sky blue” in the song.

Here it is, for anyone who may be interested:

Okay, that’s enough randomness for today. ^o^

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