Like the title says…

Tsubaki (camellias)

As explained in the “About Lucky Hill” page, there are camellia bushes in front of my building.  I’ve never associated winter with flowers, having grown up in Michigan.  But there they go, blooming their hearts out.

Building 26. Uh, I mean, Building C.

Building C’s occupants had a year to move out, or so I was told, as the building was to be demolished.  The process has finally begun.  Building C will die a slow, painful death.  The torture is scheduled to end in March.

This is what happens when you write posts at 12:44:21AM. And that’s official Japan time, yo. But alas, so much to do, so little time.  I feel a bit bad about not having plans to travel over winter vacation, but realistically, I’m tired as hell and would be perfectly fine with hibernating in good ol’ Building A.