It had been a while since I’d gone to draw with the Art Course’s drawing majors.  Well, “with” isn’t an appropriate word here.  They draw in silence, rarely looking and making a small comment to another student.  Sometimes students will talk to me, but most of them won’t.  It’s hard to have rapport with kids you don’t teach.  Plus, for some reason, all the other times I’ve gone, there’s only been like 3 or 4 kids in the studio.  Today, there were about 15 of them!  I don’t get it.

Anyway, rather than work in pencil, I decided to work straight in ink.  So, this drawing isn’t very good, but it is funny.

The center bust doesn't really have such long hair. Nor a Santa hat poof. ^o^

When I’m screwing around, I tend to give whatever nonsense I draw a title in French.  This piece is called “Les Chevaliers Perdus du Noël,” meaning, “The Lost Knights of Christmas.”  Well, I had forgotten that “chevalier” means “knight,” not “horseman,” which is what I was thinking it meant when I was drawing. It should have been “Les Cavaliers Perdus du Noël,” but alas, I had already written the title on the drawing.

Now, here’s a random photo of Keiji, who you “met” two posts ago, being emo:

When I opened my bag, his hair was over his eyes like that. *Sigh*

And that’s the end of Frankenstein Eli Wastes a Minute of Your Time. ^o^