Sounds like a Yu-Gi-Oh card, eh? ^o^

Hm, I guess watching the entire YGO Abridged Series in two days is starting to make me make more YGO references. Although, about 5 episodes are unavailable in Japan through YouTube, and I don’t like downloading stuff because it takes up space on my harddrive and it’s not something I’m gonna use frequently. T_T Anyway…

Building C: "Even if the morrow is barren of promises, Nothing shall forestall my return."

LOL Building C is quoting Loveless.

Can you tell that this is Day 5 of Sitting in the Shokuinshitsu With Nothing To Do But Hope Some Student Or Teacher Comes Up To Me With a Random Question About English? *sigh* And I didn’t bring my art supplies with me, so I can’t go draw in the studio again. My bad.

Anyway, Building C (introduced 5 posts ago) is well on its way to annihilation.  They put up covered scaffolding around 3 sides of the building, and somehow pulled it down from the fourth side.  I leave home before the crew starts working and get back as they’re wrapping up, so I don’t know exactly how they’re bringing it down.