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Last week Sunday, I went with a friend to see the plum blossoms at Dazaifu Tenmanguu.  Besides the 飛び梅 (Super Awesome Legendary Flying Plum Tree That Kicks Non-flying Trees’ Butts) there were plenty of plum trees within the temple precincts.  There are three shades of plum flower: white, soft pink, and magenta. They have varying degrees of fragrance.  I will go back to Tenmanguu sometime this week, so hopefully the flowers will be at their peak then.  But, the pictures I took that day were pretty nice, thinks I, so I will post some.  Ah, actually, the header photo, which I changed the day I went, was from this visit to Tenmanguu.


I don't know if strapping the sign with the "Dangerous Years" to the shisa makes them any less dangerous, but...

OMG This shisa is so cute! *Fangirl Squeal* >o<

The Legendary Flying Plum Tree itself. There were a bunch of middle schoolers in front of it, so I cropped the photo. Looks a bit weird, but oh well.

This plum was next to a small stand selling umegaemochi, or rice cakes filled with adzuki paste (and ume?).

We walked further behind the shrine, climbed a little ways up, and came to this fountain and many torii (those red gates).

Since each of the photos I took is at least 1MB, I usually shrink them 50% to post them, but then the detail is lost, so I cropped a corner of one photo to show the flowers in detail.

In other news, today was Graduation.  But, I forgot my camera, and in any case, I can’t post pictures of students, and I don’t really know the graduating class.  There’s…three 3rd years that I’ve had more than passing conversations with, but still not much. I wish them luck! It seems…some of them are really gonna need it it. ^_^;;;

Ah, for those that don’t know, students graduate in their regular school uniforms.  Well, they had a corsage with a purple flower.  There aren’t exactly school colors here, but purple seems to have some special meaning for the school (or the area, maybe, since I live in an area called Murasaki and I’m not too far from my school).  So, although they don’t wear caps & gowns…at least at my school, the students marched in to “Pomp and Circumstance.” ^o^ I’ll add a photo of the corsage later. EDIT: It’s later! ^o^

What? Something had to be holding it. ^o^

Well, tonight’s the graduation enkai.  For the first time, I’ll also go to the nijikai (after-party).  Not that I’m a big party person, I don’t even drink so I figure I’ll just be pouring drinks for increasingly incoherent coworkers, but I figured I should go to at least one nijikai. We have Tuesday off, so I’m sure several people are planning on getting nice and toasty. ^_^;