I was about to write a love poem to Hokkaido thanking it for its wonderful dairy products and corn (because corn makes the world go ’round, FYI).  I was experiencing Aesthetic Emotions from the tender, juicy sweet corn I was eating as I thought to give Hokkaido such props.  Then, I turned the can around and saw that the corn I was eating was actually from the States. ^o^;; *wump wump wummmmmmp*  It’s better than the canned corn from Hokkaido I’ve had.  Will Hokkaido redeem itself with the next can of corn I buy? Oh, the Suspense!

Speaking of cameras and skewed perspective (this came up the last time I Skyped with the fam):

Cameras see differently than human eyes. Also, Corn rocks.

That’s all!  I actually have two photo-heavy posts I’ve been wanting to put up, but photographing flat things is a pain. Eventually, I will put up photos of the drawings I’ve done with my school’s Art Club, and of the Pretty Clear File Collection.