School Stuff

After Golden Week, there was lots of work.  English play was running way over time in rehearsals, so I stayed late one day to rewrite the whole script.  I shaved 2 pages off by using simpler words and cutting out unnecessary dialogue.  I don’t know if it was enough to get the beast under one hour, since English Course decided to suspend practice for the two weeks prior to midterms.  I also got to pretend to be a recording engineer!  There were some songs that had over 30 seconds of just singing, which is a problem because the kids, although they do speak their lines, do not sing themselves. Thirty seconds of watching someone lip-synch poorly is unbearable.  It seemed they were considering cutting out the whole song just because of that, so I offered to edit those 30 seconds out on the computer (I used GarageBand).  I think I did it pretty well!  Of course, there’s a slight hiccup, but I did several cuts to try to get the best possible edit.  But between taking the songs out entirely, or have the kids flopping about on stage interminably waiting for their cue, I think the small hiccup is better.

Other than that, that same English Course also had a two-page essay in English due, and that was a lot of work.  But I’m glad that many of them realized that if they turn their papers in early, they give themselves time to rewrite them and thus get a better grade on the final submission.  There were still a couple of knuckleheads who turned in stuff straight copy & pasted from Wikipedia, even after we gave their rough drafts back to them in their hands and said to them, “you did not write this, do it over.” At this point it’s obvious those kids care nothing about their future; they’ll only learn the hard way that they can’t move forward in life just by breathing.  But for the most part, coming down hard on that class ultimately made them better, no matter how severe their angry faces got.  I wonder if they realize it?

Concert Tickets を GET!

The word “get” is currently enjoying quite a bit of popularity in Japanese advertising.  ^o^

Anyway, I have secured tickets to see…GACKT! Who else? ^O^  I will be going with a friend to the July 2nd show at Zepp Fukuoka.  If it’s so good that I feel I need to experience more live GACKT in my life, I will probably join the official fanclub! LOL  I haven’t done so yet for several reasons, one of them being that every now and then GACKT says things that really tick me off.  That’s the hazard of following someone too closely: they inevitably fall from the pedestal. ^_^;

EDIT (June 2nd): Awww hell, who am I kidding?  I’ve been a fan of this man for 7 years.  I registered for his fanclub last week, and today I bought tickets to the July 1st show. ^_^;;; I’m going with a different friend than for the July 2nd show. >o< I want to say ありがとう to my 先生 because I can use the Loppi machines by myself to get concert tickets! Oh yeah, that whole Knowing Japanese Generally Makes Living in Japan Easier thing is also good. XDD

*Charging Fangirl Squeal: 17%*