I just want to put this out into the Aether since it seems many people don’t know about it.

Freshly arrived JETs (and any other foreigner coming to live in Japan): it can take two weeks to get your actual 外国人登録証明書 (“gaikokujin touroku shoumeisho”), that is your foreigner registration card or “gaijin card” as many say.  Without this card, you can’t open a bank account, sign up for a phone, etc.  I didn’t know of any temporary proof to stand in for the card when I first came to Japan, and apparently neither did anyone at my school, so I had to wait all that time to get the actual card so I could set up my bank account, phone, and everything else. It was a bit annoying.  Though on the bright side, getting my first paycheck in cash because they couldn’t deposit it anywhere was pretty funny and I got to take silly rapper style photos of myself posing with all those bills. XDDD

ANYWAY… ^o^;

Luckily, recently another JET told me about a “special blue form” that you can get at City Hall that acts as a temporary foreigner card.  I told my supervisor about it and they made sure to ask, so my new co-ALT, after being in Fukuoka for just 2 days, already has a bank account and phone, and started the internet set-up process!

The name of this special form, if Wikipedia fails us not, is 外国人登録原票記載事項証明書, that is, “gaikokujin touroku genpyou kisai jikou shoumeisho.” I translate this loosely as “proof of receipt of foreigner registration,” but I can’t find an official translation for it though there has to be one.  At my city’s City Hall it costs 300 yen.  You can spare yourself a lot of headaches if you just get this form, so ask about getting it if your actual gaijin card is still a week or more away.