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This past Thursday and Friday I was in the small southern Kyuushuu city of Hitoyoshi, home to Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi.  I’ll make a post about the whole trip later, but for now, enjoy this video I made!

Here’s the description as posted on YouTube: A video of the train rides to and from Hitoyoshi City. Includes a clip of the automaton sequence of the clock in front of Hitoyoshi Station. I tried to use clips where you couldn’t see people’s faces as much as possible. Also, I decided not to put music over it so you could hear the sounds of the modern, electric train versus the old steam engine. My brief trip consisted of more than just riding these trains and watching the clock, but that is beyond the scope of this video.

Since I didn’t put it in romaji in the video, I’ll write it here: the melody the clock plays is 「球磨の六調子」”kuma no rokuchoushi,” which would mean something like “The Six Main Gagaku Modes from Kuma.” I’m not entirely sure of this since gagaku is a type of Japanese music and dance originally enjoyed by the nobility, yet this song is listed as a folk song everywhere I can find it online.  Not that it’s up in many places.