It’s time for another Random Life Stuff post!  It’s been a while since I’ve done one, so let me explain: RLS posts contain lots of random things that are noteworthy, but not long enough to deserve their own posts.  So, on with it!

Fresh Blood I mentioned a while ago that the new JETs were moving in.  Well, they’ve been here for a little over a month now.  The JET experience for those of us living in that one juutaku is quite different from that of other city JETs simply because there’s so many of us concentrated in one place.  In fact, due to the number of apartments there that are vacant, there may actually be more foreigners than Japanese people!  Counting myself, 12 JETs live in that juutaku, and one’s partner recently moved in, meaning there’s 13 foreigners living there!  Honestly, I was a bit worried, since we stick out like sore thumbs as it is, and with that many in one place things are bound to get rowdy.  So far everything’s been okay; though I do wonder about one of our new folks. ^_^;

House Protectors In my early days in Fukuoka I’d sometimes come home and find little grey critters dashing about my apartment. I didn’t know what they were, so I’d been calling them geckos or salamanders depending on my mood.  Turns out they’re geckos called “yamori,” which means something like “house protector.”  Like spiders, they get rid of yucky bugs you don’t want in your house, but unlike a few spiders, they aren’t harmful to humans at all.  I think they’re cute! Lately I’ve been seeing more of them.  Guess they heard about the gecko-friendly apartment.

Yamori on my ceiling

I saw a rainbow But it wasn’t electronic.  (Any 19.5 Collective fans out there? ^o^)  A while ago another JET who lives in my juutaku caught a rainbow in nearly the same place. BTW, you can hear a sample of 19.5 Collection’s “Sugarpil – Whole Lotta Rainbow” on their website by clicking on the 2nd tab (the blue one, which is the CD of remixes of their track “Sugarpil.” Just in case you wanna get my reference or just hear some good electronica.


Sane Eating There’s several little shops and restaurants behind the shrine Dazaifu Tenmanguu (something people doing checklist sightseeing never find out).  One of them has the most incredible kitsune soba ever. Kitsune means “fox” but in this case refers to a type of sweet fried tofu which ends up being fox-colored.  Soba is buckwheat noodles.  It’s simple, yet so wonderful.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Nom nom slurp nom

Actually, I can’t slurp noodles without making a mess, so I sorta fake it.  ^_^;

Insane Eating A while ago I went with some friends to Sweets Paradise, an all-you-can-eat dessert place out of Tokyo that has one store in Fukuoka in the new Parco department store next to the Nishitetsu Tenjin Station Building.  They have a little bit of real food too.  It was delicious, so I’m never going back there again. ^_^;  About fifteen USD buys you 70 minutes of pigging out.  I put at least 10 minutes between plates, but still.  I actually don’t get sick from eating sweets as long as they’re not the ridiculously artificial kind so…yeah.  Not going back. ^o^;;;

You should go with someone who knows CPR.

If you’re gonna steal… you probably shouldn’t do it on the store’s grand opening day. Not to say you should be doing it at all, but that just seems like a particularly bad move.  It’s what one of my kids did.  After giving himself one five-finger discount, some friends requested he pilfer some other items.  All of the involved boys now have shaved heads as part of their punishment.  Interestingly, while considering whether or not all students should wear school uniforms in debate class, both the affirmative and negative teams listed “Everyone can tell what school you go to” as reasons supporting their case.  But one negative team wrote it a little differently: “If one person does something bad, everyone from that school has to take responsibility for it.” Ouch.

More GACKT ♡ I got my ticket for the play Nemuri Kyoushirou! I wonder how much of it I’ll be able to understand?  I’ve a couple of months before the performance in which to study.  Oh yeah, I should probably study for the JLPT as well eh? ^o^

Parkinson’s Law Here’s an article I read.  Painfully true. ^_^;

Hmm…what else? I have the feeling I’m forgetting something.  Oh well.  Till next time, O Reader!