Contrary to this blog’s contents, September and October have been busy as hell between work, study, and everything else.  So what’s been going on?  Let’s get this blog up-to-date in the fastest way possible: a Random Life Stuff post in bulleted list format!

  • For about three days there was a 5-legged cricket in my apartment.  I gave him some grass, water, and called him “Five Legs.”  He left when I tried to give him a bit of banana.
  • I did moonviewing (月見)the night of the Autumnal Equinox (Sept. 23rd; it’s a national holiday).  I couldn’t really capture it in a photo with my little point-and-shoot, but after boosting the highlights and shadows, I got an image that is at least interesting if not filled with…night feelings.

~Cosmic Aesthetic Emotions~

  • The last week of September through the first week of October was Census time in Japan.  Yay, I get to be a statistic!
  • All this month I’ve been doing a Halloween Extravaganza in Oral Communication classes.  It consists of three lessons: I. Intro to Halloween, II. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and III. Exquisite Corpse presentations.  I made sure to buy Halloween stickers to give out as points, and my co-ALT bought some candy.  Next week on the 28th & 29th I plan to sneak about in the hallways during lunch time carrying a candy-filled pumpkin.  I told the kids, “if you see me with a pumpkin and quietly say to me, ‘trick or treat!’ I might give you something.” (Can you tell I really like Halloween? \^o^/♡)
  • On 10/10/10, I went to a charity event some JET friends of mine were involved in benefiting a school in Cambodia. It was held at Nishimura Temple in Fukuoka City.  One of the highlights were all the candles set inside of cut bamboo.  Also, there was music provided by two groups; one from Ooita Prefecture called Baoba (you can see pictures from this event at this post over on their blog), and another one called AlayaVijiana which featured a sitar player! Another highlight was the carrot cake one of my friends made to sell at the event.  *Nom nom nom*
  • I didn’t get to go mountain climbing with the first years this year because they went on a day when we had class with the second years. T_T
  • I’ve also been busy working on my presentation for Mid-Year Seminar. ^_^;
  • Another thing trying to kill me is the Linguistics & Pedagogy Correspondence Course I’m taking (produced by CLAIR and the Research Institute for Japanese Language Education).  Last year I did CLAIR’s Advanced Japanese Course, but that one was set at the relaxed pace of one book/test per month.  The course I’m in now is at the breakneck pace of one book/test due every 2.5 weeks.  Which wouldn’t be too bad if I had received the first book on time or if the tests were multiple choice; neither of these is the case.
  • So with all this, I need to relax every now and then.  Well, it took 74 hours spread over 6 months, but I finally beat Final Fantasy XIII. I don’t plan on doing any of the post-game quests.  I rate this game 3 ☆s overall, but definitely 5 ☆s for graphics.

    FFXIII at least looks incredibly beautiful.

  • This past Thursday I did another teaching visit to the School for the Blind.  In one class the teacher had the students sing the chorus of “You Are My Sunshine.”  I actually didn’t even know the song consisted of anything other than the chorus.  For the first time, I heard the first verse and realized that it’s actually a really sad song.  A really sad song that all of a sudden starts talking about how wonderful Louisiana is.
  • For some reason unbeknown to me or any of the other 3 ALTs involved, I was chosen to be a judge in the Prefectural English Speech & Recitation Contest for Commerical High Schools.  (A “commercial school” is one that isn’t college prep, rather its students tend to get jobs directly after high school.  Here’s the article about it from the Arbiter of Truth:  So next week I will once again not be in my school for a day.
  • In a massive stroke of Luck, I got tickets for a Kamui Rakuen (Gakuen) show in Koube (widely known as “Kobe”).  These tickets were available only by lottery within the fanclub.  Non-fanclub members can go as long as they’re with the DEAR whose name is on the tickets, so I invited two friends.  While I’m very excited to go to such a concert, there’s one part that’s had me going “Dammit GACKT!! Why’d you have to do this?!?! TT_TT”: in order to get in to the pretend school that is the Kamui Rakuen, you have to be wearing a school uniform or something that passes for that. The rules are kinda strict but do have a little bit of leeway, but…while I can find plus size clothing in a store nearby, it’s a whole ‘nother matter when you need specific pieces.  I found a shirt I could use in a resale shop, but for the skirt I’ll have to resort to online stores.  I’ve found several “large size specialty stores” online, some of them with really nice pieces, but you can’t know what something’s gonna fit like even if waist and hip measurements are specified. Gaaaaaah, I knew I should’ve learned how to make my own clothes! >_<

Well, that’s it.  This blog is now up-to-date. Whew!

Oh wait there is one other thing!

  • Last year I spent Christmas in Japan, so this year I’m going home.  (So get my room ready y’all! ^o^)