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This post full of pictures of 紅葉 (kouyou = fall colors; though this same compound can be read as “momiji” which is more specifically the maple tree) goes out to a certain 先生. ^o^

This past Sunday I was feeling restless and decided to go down to 光明禅寺 (Koumyouzenji), a zen temple close to Dazaifu Tenmanguu, to enjoy the fall colors there.  Unfortunately, the place was packed, so I didn’t even try going into the inner courtyard.  That said, what gives momiji their fire, I realized, isn’t the leaves themselves, but the sun shining on them; since the trees in the inner courtyard are low and in shade, from what glimpses I did get the color there actually wasn’t that impressive.

So, before we get on to the photos, if you don’t already have some tunes taking you to another level, may I suggest this track by DJ Nozawa, which heavily samples the My Neighbor Totoro track “Tsukamori no Taiju,” or this track from Star Ocean: First Departure, which plays in a town that is perpetually flooded by autumn leaves, for your listening pleasure?

Well, here we go~



Up closer

Another poem I wrote for an assignment: 暖かい 秋の木漏れ日 大きいね












Infitinity = 0

The last persimmons. At least, I think that's what they are.

The magic of direct sunlight

Many people came out to enjoy the fall colors.













People may have thought I was weird when I was taking this shot.

Hm, that last caption pretty much does away with any Aesthetic Emotions you may have been feeling eh?  ^_^;

Well, that’s pretty much it.  You can’t tell how ridiculously crowded it was from the photos I posted, though Koumyouzenji wasn’t as bad as Tenmanguu.  Around this time there’s also 七五三 (shichigosan) celebrations going on, so I saw several little kids decked out in their kimono on the path leading to the shrine.  Given the crowds, I had to tell my homie Sugawara-no-Michizane that I couldn’t go visit his crib that day.  ^o^;