Please excuse my protracted absence from this blog.  I’m currently getting caught up on episodes of ギルティ〜悪魔と契約した女〜 cramming for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test while eating a pastrami and lettuce sandwich.

Friggin’ 文法…

Oh!  Let’s get in the Christmas spirit with a little reenactment scene from last night’s episode of the NHK history show 「ヒストリア」(“Historia”):

高山右近 (Takayama Ukon): God loves everyone.

Vassals: へぇー!

^o^; I possibly misunderstood Takayama’s line, but if I didn’t, the reaction was just so immediate I thought it was funny.  Well, at least when people come to my door to try to convert me I don’t immediately go “Wow!” at the things they say.

Here’s a list of what’s on my calendar for this month:

  • Dec. 5th: JLPT
  • 9th: GACKT’s play Nemuri Kyoushirou Burai Hikae
  • 11th: Hosting a GACKT Festa at my place & a friend’s birthday party
  • 18th: Finish up Book 5 of the Linguistics Course on the plane from Fukuoka to Tokyo and mailing it from the post office in Narita Airport (well, knowing myself, I figure this is how it’s gonna go down)
  • 18th: Getting “randomly selected” by airport security in the States for Super Fun Times
  • 18th: Being home! ^o^/♡

Alright, that’s enough mushiness for this post. Back to cramming I go!