In my defense, I’m taking the JLTP in one week. Which would imply I haven’t updated this blog because I’ve been studying. Uh…

Ahem, moving along.

The home ec teacher had invited me to one of the classes several months ago, a class with seniors. It seems to have been an elective. I tried to ask how the students picked that class, since it wasn’t the whole homeroom and there were 2 boys in there who obviously would have rather been elsewhere, but between my Japanese and the teacher’s English, it wasn’t completely clear to me. Well, the class also seems to have been only for one or two terms, as that group of students will no longer have that class starting 3rd term.

Anyway, it was a two hour class on Fridays 3rd and 4th period, but I always had a class on 4th period, so I never got to see any of the recipes completed. The teacher or the students would take the finished dish up to me in the teachers’ room during lunch. In total, I helped make about 8 dishes and got to eat 5 of them. I don’t carry a camera to school, so most of these photos were taken with my laptop’s webcam.

The Fist Dish: Red Bean Mochi Cakes

Suffice it to say I made a huge mess with the flour. ^_^;;; The mochi flour was steamed for a bit, then the red bean paste was put inside, and the whole thing wrapped in a leaf to steam some more. Very chewy.

Chew chew chew

The Second Dish: だご汁 (Dagojiru)

The dagojiru was a type of Japanese stew featuring iriko (dried sardines), pork, gobou (burdock root), konnyaku, and shiitake mushrooms. I learned how to peel the burdock root (using the back of a knife’s blade) and how to cut konnyaku with the edge of a bowl to make the edges jagged and thus more flavor-absorbent. I seem not to have a photo of this. Whoops.

The Third and Fourth Dishes: White Stew (AKA Crew Steam) and Pumpkin Cake

This time I knew how to not mess up the flour, ahaha. I also worked with a group of students instead of just helping the teacher do the demos as I had been doing the previous two weeks. We talked about cooking and food in the States. Or rather, food in my neck of the woods. I told them I don’t know everything about food in the States since I’ve never been to half the country. I’ve never even been west of the Mississippi, ahaha. Since I don’t have class with these students, and they were obviously not wanting to speak English, we just conversed in Japanese. Though one girl was at least saying simple things like “please mix!” in English.

We didn't make the rolls. But when the students saw them, they erupted in cheerful yells of やった!!!

Since this recipe didn’t include any ingredients that I was unsure of my ability to recognize in the supermarket, I tried to make it at home on my own later! It turned out okay, despite the fact that I didn’t have any way to measure grams and was just eyeballing every amount that wasn’t measured in cc’s. ^_^; I made it the same week as the fourth dish, the pumpkin cake featured in the teaser post. Somehow, it ended up tasting totally like cornbread!

Stew contains chicken, bacon, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and mushrooms. It took me 5 days to finish eating it all. >o<;

The Fifth and Final Dish: Deco Cake

Meaning, a “decorated” cake. I thought it would be Christmas cake, but it was too early for that. This was the last class. I also helped the students make “American muffins,” but what I got was a slice of deco cake. The decorations consisted of fresh fruit and star-shaped nata de coco.

Not too sweet, just right

次回! Uh…I forgot what I was gonna say…