I’m still here yo. Ahahaha…

Well, just what happened? I had meant to add photos of my ehoumaki and the corner I faced as I ate it, but never got around to it. There was just so much going on, and now that classes are over (for me, not for the students), I just wanna relax. I’ve been bumpin’ YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz’s first album, playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and buying omiyage.

I’m going to Spain next week. @_@

That came outta nowhere, huh? Ahahaha…it’s actually been in the works since…mmm…maybe last June or July? I’d been scheming with my mother’s Spanish penpal of 30 years until I could see my mother in person in December. Once we decided on dates within my spring break (since now my mother’s retired and so is her penpal), it was just a matter of buying the tickets. I bought my tickets shortly after returning to Japan.

And now I have less than a week before I fly over Asia and Europe. I’m going to have pretty long layovers in Seoul and Paris. I hope I can remember something of my 7 years of French! J’ai oublié tout!

Watch, I’m going to accidentally speak in Japanese or some weird chimera of Japanese and French in Paris! It might even come out in Spain too, since I don’t even hear Spanish very often over here, much less speak it. >o<;

Ahem, anyway, I’ve bought most of the omiyage I want to take from Japan, and figure I’ll round these gifts out with some sweets from Korea and/or France.

A pretty different school will greet me upon my return. One of the teachers from my old school will transfer to my current school! @_@ I was so surprised. That, and the whole new English curriculum requirements…it might be a wild year.

Well, I’ll have GACKT and his YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz to get me through. ^o^ Enjoy a song from them. It starts off a little bit…uh…well, let’s just say that when he mentions an accelerator, brake, and shaft, he’s probably not talking about car parts. ^o^;;;  The song is 「恋愛Driver~Fooさんの歌」(“Ren’ai Driver ~Foo-san no Uta~” which would mean something like “Romance Driver ~Mr. Foo’s Song~”). I don’t know who Foo-san is, and apparently, neither does anyone else. I Googled 「Fooさんは誰」(“who is Foo-san”) and found that no one seems to know just who he is. *Shrugs*

Oh well. HEADBANG!!! >_<\m/