It’s been a crazy week. A dark week peaking into the realm of the human psyche.

Well, I guess it was technically last week that I was asked to change some materials I had made for the lesson on dreams. My illustration for the common dream of falling depicted a stick figure falling head first from a building. I was told that there was a student who had attempted to jump to their death. So I changed it to falling out of bed. Well, don’t know if people actually dream about that, but I at least have hypnic jerks all the time.

Then on Tuesday the trains were late because of an accident. A 人身事故 (jinshin jiko, an accident where a train or train car kills or injures a person). It had been nearly a year since I was delayed by that on my way home from work. I remembered because that time I had taken a taxi because I was really tired. And it was raining. It was during the rainy season.

In comes Wednesday and things seem to be going well enough. Went to Japanese class. Everything was fine. On my way home I saw an ambulance with its lights flashing and sirens on…then I saw it again. It was going in circles. They must’ve been having a hard time finding where they needed to go. I thought, “man, that’s messed up.”

Didn’t think I’d be flagging down a similarly circling ambulance within just 2 hours. Taking an ALT to the hospital for the second time in my 3 years here. A serious sickness sometimes just pops outta nowhere. The body odd, indeed.

June seems to be a tough month.