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Summer is the season for 花火大会, or fireworks displays. On Kyushu, the biggest one is in Kurume City on the banks of the Chikugo River. I hadn’t been to this one in 2 years. I went with a neighbor and a recently arrived ALT. It was this past Sunday (August 5th). I was trying to take pictures but my timing wasn’t very good. At least the video of the finale turned out alright.

Here’s the description I wrote over on YT:

The finale of the 353rd annual Chikugo River Fireworks show, the most popular fireworks display on Kyushu. It takes place on the banks of the Chikugo River in the city of Kurume.

When the woman asked “How do you say “hime-sama”?” I said “dolls” because I misheard her. I thought she had said “hina” because the company that sponsored this part of the show was a doll company. ^_^; Well, the dolls represent princesses.

And so you get a sense of the scale of the crowd, here’s a shot of the crowd taken as we were leaving. This is just a small fraction of the whole crowd.

A sea of people! I even ran into a graduate of my former school here! Or rather, he found me. It was the second time I’d ran into him in the last few weeks!

Well, there’s a ton or random stuff I wanted to compile into a Random Life Stuff post, but I’ve been pretty busy this summer “vacation.” ^_^; One of these days…