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Late in June I finally had the pleasure of meeting one of my college era Japanese teachers here in Fukuoka. (先生、こんにちは〜!) I showed her around my neighborhood, had tonkotsu ramen at award-winning shop Danbou (暖房), and took her to Dazaifu Tenmanguu, where we had the local specialty umegaemochi (a mochi bun filled with red bean paste imprinted with a picture of a plum blossom. And I don’t know if “mochi bun” is a legitimate word.). We reminisced and made fun of my mistakes, past and present. I learned that finally, the Legend of the Toilet Paper has been surpassed. Well, it has been eight years since I did the homestay program. Eventually, someone had to do something as interesting as misinterpreting “take tissue paper with you because there is none in restrooms at temples” as “take toilet paper with you, even in the form of 2 whole toilet paper rolls.” >o<;;;

It’s a rare treat to see Tenmanguu without a huge crowd.

I was happy to receive some very Detroit omiyage. Uh, souvenirs? Ahaha…

Cheetos で赤くなった指...なつかし〜い!

It was pretty nostalgic to see my fingers turned red by the Cheetos. Some stores around here have the regular Cheetos, but I’ve never seen the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in Japan.

…man, that sounded way more dramatic than it needed to! XD

I also received a kit for Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. I’m afraid I couldn’t make it very well form-wise, but it tasted good!

You’d think it’d be hard to mess up with a recipe that spells things out as clearly as “Put in Packet 1, put in Packet 2.” But I’m special like that.

And this is what it turned out like! You can barely tell that it’s okonomiyaki, but oh well.