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I’ve been pretty busy helping English Speaking Society (=ESS, or English club) get ready for the school festival. Well, it’s all stuff I volunteered to do. The members are doing the heavy lifting, I’m just adding a bit of technological sparkle.

For the school festival, ESS will sing and dance 14 songs in two sets. I think they were introduced to most of the songs through the show Glee, as they asked me to find instrumentals of the Glee versions of such hits as Justin Beiber’s “Baby,” Bruno Mars’ “Marry You,” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.”

I don’t particularly like Glee, but I gotta give the show props for the a cappella version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” ESS members weren’t planning on doing it a cappella, but with only one boy in the club the girls in charge put him on backing vocals, and when freshmen students joined in late April (=too late to really learn the songs) they got backing vocals too. Their voices alone ended up sounding so rich that I told them to ditch the instrumental track. I can’t believe how good they sound! I know they’re gonna blow everyone away with the a cappella greatness.

The final setlist was decided only a few weeks ago, but most of the songs had been decided for a couple of months. The club members had suggested writing the songs’ lyrics on poster boards and putting them up around the classroom we’d use for the festival, but I told them that probably no one would read them. I proposed timing the lyrics to the music, making subtitles in essence, and projecting them behind the dancers. They agreed to the idea and I’ve been working on that whenever I got a spare moment. Luckily pop songs have pretty simple timing so it’s only been taking me about an hour to do each track.

I love having a Mac.

I love having a Mac.

It turned out that many other clubs and classes ended up wanting to do things with video, which means that there aren’t enough projectors to go around. Luckily, I have a friend who has a projector, so I’ve borrowed hers. I haven’t tested it out yet so I’m not sure 100% certain that we’ll do this, but I’m ready for it!

Interestingly, one of the senior classes asked me to be in their film that they’re making for the festival. They said they thought it would be funny to have me in their video speaking Osaka dialect. Ahahaha…I don’t know if one of the students in the class is from Osaka or they just think Osaka dialect is funny. I probably won’t get to see the finished movie until the school festival this Saturday, but I’m looking forward to that as well.

Well, I should get cracking on the subtitles for the remaining tracks. I think I’ll do “Landslide” next.