She’s Got Jokes!

This page will be dedicated specifically to my jokes and funny things that I come across.  I won’t deal too much in Engrish, as there are plenty of sites for that already.  Anyway, on to it! (Amusement not guaranteed.)

The funniest ones I’ve made, methinks. You can see some others at this post.

Condescending Wonka:


Hipster Kitty:

Story of My Life

A Real Rice Rocket

I don’t care how much NoS you put in your Lancer EVO, you still can’t beat my rice rocket!  Check this sweet Mitsubishi out:

It cooks rice fast and furious. Yeeeeaaaaah.

Funny Google Search Terms That Landed People on This Blog

For those of you who don’t blog, allow me to explain.  Here on WordPress (and I’m sure other blogging sites are the same), there is a page that gives information about blog traffic.  It shows not only how many hits the blog or a particular post got, but for people that got to a blog using a search result on Google, it shows what specific words they searched for.  Here I present the most interesting, amusing, or WTF-inducing ones, with my comments in parenthesis if I have any.  I will add more as they come.

  • “sephiroth long hair” (When did Sephiroth ever have short hair?!)
  •” (If you know the URL…)
  • “facepalm statue” (Is there such a thing? …there is! LOL)
  • “tobiume hentai” (…OHMYGOD why would anybody Google that?!!? What…what are they thinking?!?!!?!?!? @_@)
  • “novelty asian socks”

~Potty Humour~

If your soul is too refined for this, you might want to go somewhere better suited to your tastes.

I don’t know if I want to use such a toilet…

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  1. awesome!!!

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