Oh dear…it’s all his fault.

I’ve joined Twitter  just to be able to quickly say something to GACKT if the need to do so ever strikes me. ^o^;;;;;;;

(Why couldn’t he just join Facebook like everyone else? ^_^;)

While I was thinking about how I don’t see what the point of Twitter is if you’re already on Facebook, I thought of something: “wouldn’t this be a great way to have fresh content appear on Lucky Hill more quickly?” There are many times when small things happen, things too small to deserve their own blog post, but interesting enough to be worth mentioning. So far, I’ve dealt with these bits of life by compiling them into posts known as “Random Life Stuff.” The problem with these is that I still take a good while to write them, and this blog ends up with updates only once a week, but often much less frequently than that. So, what with Twitter’s 140 character limit, I’ve no excuse for not saying something to the blogosphere at the *very least* once a week! ^o^

Also, I figured, some people might not feel comfortable leaving a comment on a blog, since they’d have to input their email address, but with Twitter, since (I think) you don’t see other people’s email addresses, just their usernames, it would be an easy way to speak up for someone who just dropped by and had a question but felt uncomfortable leaving their email address with a stranger. Well, that’s my theory anyway.

So, you’ll now find my Twitter feed in the sidebar under the heading “Birdsong.” Enjoy~